If you have a home swimming pool, it may be time for some improvements. Your pool may have become outdated and have experienced wear and tear. Here are a few ideas to upgrade your swimming pool. Make the backyard pool more functional and inviting.

Swimming Pool Upgrades: Add LED Lighting

LED pool lighting creates a more welcoming space and enhances safety and visibility after dark. Lights also accentuate the sparkling water and nearby landscaping features.

LED lights are an easy way to illuminate and add color to your swimming pool. Many LED lights have color options, and you can change the settings to match the mood of your event.

Install Water Features

Water features such as waterfalls, fountains, and bubblers create a focal point for your pool. They are eye-catching, make the place more beautiful, and improve water circulation.

However, installing these water features will depend on your pool deck. Some features may require construction work or additional plumbing to be effective. A pool expert can advise on the type of water features that suit your pool area.

Resurface the Pool

Resurfacing is a pool upgrade that enhances both functionality and style. The existing plaster in your pool will inevitably deteriorate with time. Crumbling and damaged plaster eventually creates a surface that cuts, scratches, or scrapes the skin making swimming unpleasant and unsafe.

Pool owners who wish to upgrade the surface can pick modern designs and finishes that will last for years and are visually appealing.

Renovating your pool with a quartz finish is an option. Quartz is durable, resilient, resistant to scratches, and won’t fade with use. No matter your budget, you’ll find the right pool finish to boost your backyard aesthetic.

Upgrade Your Swimming Pool With Salt Water Purification

Boosting the pool’s water quality is a worthwhile upgrade for any home. Regular chlorine is not the safest option. When imbalanced, chlorine can cause skin and eye irritation. You’ll also have to add more chemicals frequently to keep the water suitable for swimming.

Consider using a saltwater system instead. A saltwater pool system is a natural way of purifying water that doesn’t produce harsh chemicals. It is also more cost-effective than chlorine and won’t affect your eyes, hair, or skin.

Upgrading or renovating the pool can seem like a hassle. However, these projects are simple for trained pool professionals. Transform the backyard pool to make it more inviting for friends, family, and neighbors.

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