Why Swimming Pool Safety is Necessary

If you are looking to install a swimming pool in your backyard, or already have one, pool safety should always be your first consideration. Drowning in a swimming pool can be quick, silent, and deadly. Accidental drowning is the leading cause of death among children from 1-4 years old in the U.S. Learn about swimming pool safety, especially if you have children and own a home swimming pool.

Install Safety Barriers

Install barriers like gates, safety fences, and power safety covers around your pool. Being proactive with pool safety should be a top priority as a pool owner. Follow the standard guidelines as outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Do Not Leave Children Alone in the Pool

Keep your children within your reach whenever possible, and always keep your eye on them for the whole duration of the swim. Have them get out of the pool or have another adult watch them if you have to leave, even for a minute.

Take Swimming Lessons

Have every member of the family learn how to swim, especially children. If somebody cannot swim and wants to be in the pool, give them a life jacket.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Nobody knows when an accident will happen. In any case, you will be better off prepared. Have your family members train for pool safety, CPR, and first aid. Always keep rescue equipment nearby and ready. Share safety instructions with visiting friends and family who will be using the pool.

Set Up Swimming Pool Safety Rules

Post rules that can be read by swimmers whether they may be in or out of the pool.


  • Children are not allowed without an adult companion.
  • No running.
  • No pushing people into the pool.
  • Be prepared for any emergencies.
  • No diving in shallow water.

Install Drain Covers for Swimming Pool Safety

Drains can pull a swimmer underwater and cause drowning and injury. Install drain covers that prevent endangering a swimmer and instruct people to stay away from the drains.

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