Having a swimming pool at home is a great privilege. On a warm day, you can enjoy swimming with family and friends. On the other hand, one important component of owning a pool is the required maintenance. As warmer weather approaches, be prepared with these 5 tips for swimming pool maintenance to help you keep the water clean and safe.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Means Skimming Daily

Don’t wait until you see a lot of leaves and debris floating on the surface to skim the pool. This should be a daily task. Scrub the sides of your pool to prevent the buildup of algae every other week. This task keeps the pool looking clean.

Pay Attention to the Filter System

Your pool filter traps leaves, debris, and even small toys. Once a week, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the filter.
  2. Remove the deck’s filter cap.
  3. Take out the filter basket.
  4. Remove all debris.
  5. Put everything back into place.

Once a month, clean the filter system’s pipes. This is done by backwashing the system.

  1. Adjust the filter setting to “backwash.”
  2. Take out the leaf basket.
  3. Clean out the basket.
  4. Turn on the pump until clear water is coming out of the waste pipe.

Proper Chemical Levels for Swimming Pool Maintenance

One of the most vital aspects of swimming pool upkeep is maintaining chemical levels. Water that isn’t properly balanced leads to murkiness, algae growth, bacteria, and eye or skin irritation.

Some of the common chemicals used in a home swimming pool include chlorine. Chlorine is a sanitizer to keep the water free from germs. Cyanuric acid stabilizes the chlorine in the pool.

Check the alkalinity of the pool and maintain a level of 80-120 ppm. The pool’s pH level should be in the range of 7.4-7.6.

Maintain the Water Level

Swimming pool maintenance requires keeping an eye on the pool’s water level. It will fluctuate after an afternoon of swimming or a heavy storm. When water is too high, a submersible pump will drain the required amount. Use your garden hose to top it off when it’s too low. Always check the pool’s chemical levels after adjusting the water level.

Absorb Oils With a Tennis Ball

When you and your family use the pool, you leave oils behind. These oils might be from hair products, sunblocks, or natural body oils. The solution is to just toss in a tennis ball. The tennis ball’s fibers will absorb those oils and help keep your pool clean.

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