Good lighting makes all the difference for an outdoor patio or deck. A few creative additions can transform the look and feel of your outside living spaces. Create a warm, inviting place to spend time when the sun goes down. Here are six great ways to light your outdoor space.

String Lights to Light Your Outdoor Living Space

String lights are a popular choice for creating a cozy glow. Whether you choose traditional bulbs or modern LED strands, string lights can be wrapped around trees, fence posts, or pergolas to create ambient light. For a casual, laid-back vibe, opt for a warm white light. For a more dramatic look, choose strands with larger globes.


Flickering flames from paraffin torches or patio candles create a dramatic backdrop in an outdoor space. Place tiki torches in the corners of a deck or patio and along walkways to create a warm glow. For safety, choose torches with stable bases and closely watch open flames. Battery-powered flameless candles are a safe alternative if you have kids or pets.

Spotlights for Your Outdoor Living Space

Focused spotlights are ideal for highlighting specific trees, garden beds, statues, or features you want to showcase. Place spotlights in the corners of your outdoor space and aim them at focal points to draw attention. Look for spotlights with adjustable angles and brightness to customize the effect.

Solar Pathway Lighting

Affordable solar path lights are an easy way to illuminate walkways and stairs. They absorb sunlight during the day to power the LEDs at night. Place the lights a few feet apart along the pathways on your property. While they give off a more functional glow than string lights or torches, they’re an eco-friendly and low-maintenance option.

Hanging Lanterns

Wrought iron, wood, and glass hanging lanterns add a rustic touch while emitting a warm glow. Hang the lanterns at varying heights over an outdoor dining table or seating area. Choose lanterns with real candles or electric lights to mimic flames without the fire risk.

Fairy Lights for Your Outdoor Space

Fairy lights are a fun way to add sparkle and shine to an outdoor space. These mini LED strands can be draped over trees, bushes, or outdoor furniture for a whimsical effect reminiscent of fireflies. Use the warm white light setting or choose multicolored bulbs depending on your mood.

When lighting the deck, porch, or patio, there are many options. With these six ideas, you can create a patio or deck where family, friends, and neighbors will enjoy spending time. Have fun experimenting with different lighting styles and effects to create a unique atmosphere for your outdoor living area.

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