If you’re considering upgrading your deck, courtyard, or patio, summer is a great time to get started. Whether you’re planning summer get-togethers or just want a cozy place to relax outdoors, check out the ideas below. Here are a few summer deck improvements. 

Clean the Deck, Porch, or Patio

Throughout the year, your deck or patio may become cluttered with items you’ve used and forgotten. Before you begin redecorating or renovating, declutter and throw out or give away things (such as sports equipment or toys) you no longer use. If you need outdoor storage, shop for furniture with storage capabilities, like a hollow bench or ottoman, to prevent messy and cluttered outdoor spaces.

Summer Deck Improvements for Lighting

Keep the party going after dark by investing in new lighting for your deck or patio. String colorful lights through trees or plants, or you could install recessed stair lighting to boost safety. Another easy-to-do idea is hanging solar-powered lanterns, a unique and innovative approach to outdoor lighting.

Take Advantage of Shade

Shade keeps you and your guests comfortable even on the brightest days. Place seating and tables under trees or mount a retractable canopy overhead for more coverage. A large patio umbrella is inexpensive and can be set into a stand to provide shade anywhere on the deck.

Summer Deck Improvements With Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable furniture is an essential improvement for the deck or patio. Cozy cushions, an attractive throw blanket, or even a hammock are stylish and comfortable options, no matter the size of your space.

Install a Fire Pit

Impress your guests with a backyard fire during your next evening party. A cozy fire pit is an attractive addition to your space, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors after sundown.

Decorate With Plants

Even the smallest outdoor space can benefit from brightly colored potted plants. If you need to save space, use hanging baskets to display annuals or foliage. Window boxes brighten the deck or patio, and you can purchase self-watering ones for minimal upkeep.

Don’t rush to finish summer deck improvements. Start small and give yourself time to find the best furniture and decor for you and your family. Once you’ve established a style, it’ll be easier to create an attractive space that friends and neighbors will enjoy.

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