A fire pit is a great place to spend time when you have friends or family over. The fire is cozy and welcoming, especially on a chilly evening. You can also cook over a fire pit and enjoy hot dogs or marshmallows. To keep everyone safe, here are five tips for fire pit safety.

Install the Fire Pit Away from Other Objects

To be safe, set the fire pit in an open area. Keep it at least 15 feet away from the side of the house, trees, bushes, and outdoor furniture. Whether you’re building a fire pit or installing a purchased one, make sure there are no overhanging branches and don’t place it beneath patio umbrellas or awnings.

Don’t Light a Fire on Windy Days

Don’t have a fire when it’s windy out. Strong winds may cause sparks to be carried through the air and land elsewhere, igniting a fire outside the pit. Wind also provides more oxygen to the fire, causing it to burn faster and hotter.

Dress for Fire Pit Safety

If you are tending the fire, keep your hair tied back and out of the flames. Make sure your clothing isn’t loose or baggy and don’t wear scarves or other dangling accessories near the fire. The best materials to wear when around fire are natural fibers like cotton and wool. Polyester and other plastics can cause severe burns if they melt onto your skin.

Don’t Leave a Fire Unattended

It only takes a brief moment for fire to spread. Leaving the fire pit unattended can be very dangerous. If you need to step away, have another adult keep watch and tend the flames. Keep water, sand, or a fire extinguisher on hand to manage flames that escape the boundaries of the fire pit.

Be Sober for Fire Pit Safety

Drinking alcohol around a fire has the potential to create a dangerous situation. If you are going to drink, know your limits and only drink in moderation. Alcohol consumption leads to slower reflexes and affects your ability to act quickly in case of an emergency. Ideally, a sober person will be in charge of maintaining the fire.

A fire pit is a warm place to hang out with friends and neighbors. Take precautions to keep everyone safe when you’re enjoying a fire.

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