Outdoor furniture takes a beating from staying outside through the seasons. However, most patio furniture isn’t cheap so you don’t want to replace it often. Fortunately, you can update outdoor furniture a few different ways to make it look newer and renew its comfort. Depending on what type of furniture you have on your deck, porch, or patio, try some of these easy DIY projects.

Use Spray Paint to Update Outdoor Furniture

A quick and affordable way to revamp metal outdoor furniture is with spray paint. If there are any rusty parts, scape them off, sand it, and apply rust remover. Next, use metal-approved spray paint on the entire metal frame. The paint will protect the material and renew the color. Spray paints come in a number of different colors, so you can find one that matches the rest of your outdoor decor.

Replace the Cushions

It is inevitable that you will have to replace the cushions on outdoor furniture once in a while. Even water-resistant cushions can grow mildew when they are left outside without a cover. Cushions may also collect bird droppings, pollen, and dirt. You can easily update outdoor furniture by replacing the cushions and the entire set will look new. Look for cushions that have the right combination of water-resistance and comfort.

Repurpose a Coffee Table

Find a coffee table with a strong metal frame and legs and repurpose it for outdoor use. Make a concrete slab to replace the existing tabletop. This tutorial goes over the steps. This makes a great weekend project for an experienced DIYer. A concrete tabletop can withstand the elements for many years.

Update Outdoor Furniture: Refinish Wood Chairs

Refinishing wooden outdoor chairs is similar to refinishing a deck. Sand it first to make it smooth, and then paint it with an all-weather paint or apply sealant. Wooden furniture is expensive, but you can keep it looking good for years by restoring it as needed.

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