Your home should be a comfortable place to relax to unwind. Keep it safe and healthy for your family by updating your living spaces. Here are a few ideas for upgrades for a healthier home.

Upgrades for a Healthier Home Include: A Water Filter

Filtering your home’s water provides clean fresh drinking water to you and your family. Shopping for the right water purifier can be confusing. To choose the right system, order a water-quality test or request a water quality report from your local utility. Learning about the types of contaminants in your tap water will help you choose the best filter for your home. You can find water filters that attach to your kitchen tap, pitchers with a built-in filter, or install a whole-home system. A whole-home system allows you to enjoy clean water throughout the entire house.

Choose Low VOC Paints When Making Upgrades for a Healthier Home

Painting is one of the easiest home improvement projects. You can quickly update a room or change the mood of a space with new paint colors. When shopping for paint, choose one with low or no VOCs. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are chemicals that are released from common household products. Some of these chemicals can lead to health problems. These compounds can be found in adhesives, some home furnishings, cleaning supplies, and paints. Your local home improvement store will carry interior paints with low or no VOCs. Choose this type of paint to reduce the off-gassing of harmful chemicals into your home.

Create a Home Gym

A fun way to upgrade your home and boost wellness is by creating a home gym. You could remodel the basement to create a workout space, or simply claim a small area of the living room. Personalize the space by adding the workout equipment you will use. Include a television if you intend to watch fitness videos. To get started, purchase a yoga mat or two, a set of hand weights, resistance bands, and an exercise machine that appeals to you. Having a designated space for exercise will encourage your family to move more frequently.

Move Cigarette Smoking Outdoors

Quitting smoking is difficult, but for your health, it is the best option. If you’re unable to quit, move all smoking outdoors. Create a place on the porch or patio where smoking is allowed. Secondhand smoke reduces the quality of indoor air and affects other family members and pets.

Family members who don’t smoke may experience respiratory issues, heart disease, and cancer as a result of being exposed to secondhand smoke. Tiny smoke particles irritate the lungs of dogs and cats. Smoke can cause breathing difficulties, coughing, and ear infections.

Choose a place outdoors and add comfortable seating and shade. By creating a place outside the house you will encourage smoking to be kept away from the house.

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