Many people feel that holidays are the best time of the year.  You gather with family and friends to enjoy good food and each other’s company. Keep your family safe this season with these tips for safety during the holidays.

1. Decorating Safety During the Holidays

When decorating your home this season, take care to avoid fire hazards. A freshly cut tree becomes more dangerous the longer it is in the home. Water the tree daily and check to make sure the needles are still soft. As the tree dries out, it will become more brittle and flammable. Use low temperature LED lights on your holiday tree. Set the tree up away from the fireplace and don’t use candles or other live flames near the tree.

2. Traveling Safely for the Holidays

Make sure your car is ready for traveling. Before heading out, make an appointment for an oil change and check the tires for proper inflation. Be prepared for unexpected emergencies with a car emergency kit. Your supplies might include jumper cables, snacks, water, a first-aid kit, and warm jackets and blankets. Communicate with your family about when you’ll be traveling and stay in touch if you get delayed.

3. Holiday Safety in the Kitchen

When preparing food, use care in the kitchen. Keep the handles of pots and pans turned inward to prevent spills and burns. Tie-back apron strings and long hair anytime you’re around a heat source. If you’re lucky enough to have helpers in the kitchen, give each person a separate workspace to cut down on crowding and accidents. Assign an adult the duty of babysitting children and pets outdoors or in another part of the house to keep them out of the kitchen. Young children and pets in the kitchen can lead to tripping hazards or other accidents.

4. Safety During the Holidays: Gathering Outdoors

Especially this year, you can help keep loved ones safe by spending time together outdoors. If you live in an area where the weather is nice, plan to serve dinner outside on the porch or patio. Enjoy pleasant weather and good food with your family, while helping to prevent the spread of illness. Encourage anyone helping in the kitchen to wash their hands frequently and make your home safer by providing hand sanitizer and plenty of space to spread out.

5. Food Safety for Pets

We enjoy having our pets accompany us for holiday celebrations, but to keep your animal safe, keep dinner and dessert plates out of their reach. Many holiday foods, especially those containing caffeine, raisins, and chocolate, are toxic to pets. Cooked bones are also not safe for animals to eat. They can cause choking or splinter inside the digestive system.

Put effort into keeping your loved ones healthy and safe over the holidays by following the above tips.

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