Do you live in an area where storms are common? If you routinely deal with strong winds and bad weather, you’ll want to learn how to protect your home from wind damage. Being prepared for bad weather is the best way to avoid property damage and personal injury as you wait out the storm.

Keep the Yard Clean to Protect Your Home From Wind Damage

Your backyard may have objects that easily become flying projectiles. When lifted by the wind, these items can cause damage to your home or neighbors’ homes.

If you hear of a wind advisory, clean up the yard. Move items inside for storage during the storm. To prepare for bad weather bring sports equipment, lawn furniture, garden tools, and the grill indoors. Use a storage shed, garage, or basement to safely stow these items. Make certain larger outdoor items that can’t be moved are securely anchored to the ground.

Inspect Trees on the Property

You don’t want a tree branch to come crashing through a window during a storm. Inspect the trees in your yard as you work on protecting your home from wind damage. Look for any dead or dying branches that could break during high wind conditions. For larger branches, call a professional tree service to safely remove them.

Protect Your Home from Wind Damage: The Roof

High winds have the potential to cause major damage to your roof. Roof damage leads to water damage that affects your belongings and the home’s structure. If you haven’t maintained your roof well over the years, make repairs before the storm. Inspect for bare spots and loose shingles, and remove piles of debris.

Reinforce Doors & Windows

Storm shutters keep the home safer by reinforcing windows and preventing flying debris from causing more damage. If you don’t have storm shutters and are expecting high winds, use plywood to cover doors and windows. Reinforce your garage door, too. Hardware stores sell garage door reinforcement kits to help make your garage less susceptible to wind damage.

Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection Completed

The most effective way to ensure your home is ready for heavy winds is to call in a wind mitigation inspector. He or she will assess your property and you’ll learn what parts of your home should be reinforced to prevent costly damage from a storm.

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