If you’re preparing your house for sale, you have a long to-do list to accomplish. One of these tasks is getting ready for the buyer’s inspection. The inspection report plays a role in understanding the condition of your home and determining if your asking price is fair. To make the job easier for the inspector, here are a few things to do to prepare for a home inspection.

A potential homebuyer will make decisions based on the findings in the inspection report. Your buyer may ask to negotiate the asking price or request that you make repairs before the closing date. To help the inspection go smoothly, get your home ready for the inspector to assess its systems and components.

Replace Light Bulbs

Minor preparations can significantly impact the buyer’s impression of your home. For instance, a blown light bulb suggests to a potential buyer that you don’t have time to handle simple maintenance tasks around the house. The home inspector may question that a bulb that isn’t working because of a fault in the electrical system. It is not the inspector’s job to bring replacement bulbs. Test the light fixtures inside and outdoors and replace the bulbs before the home inspection.

Clear Access Points

Make sure the inspector can easily inspect every area of your home. If certain access points are blocked or cluttered, the inspection won’t be complete in that area. An inspector will mark on the report that the component could not be inspected, raising suspicions for the buyer. Clear the way for an easy inspection by unlocking doors, making the water heater closet accessible, opening the attic, and making sure the basement is clean and easy to navigate.

Clean the House

Keep your home clean and tidy before a home inspection. From the buyer’s view, a well-kept house indicates that the owner cares for and maintains the property. Cleanliness will also make a good impression and attract potential buyers when showing the home. Before listing your home for sale, declutter the living spaces and do a thorough deep cleaning, including washing the walls and steam cleaning the carpets.

Connect the Utilities to Prepare for a Home Inspection

The inspector will test the household appliances to determine their current condition. It will be impossible to do so if the utilities are not connected. In some cases, this will require the inspection to be rescheduled. Make sure the power will be on during the home inspection and that all appliances are connected to power outlets.

Gather Documentation

Make sure you have documents that are important for the inspector to reference. For instance, if you have had recent repairs or maintenance work on your house, have the receipts available. Keeping track of important documentation shows the buyer that upkeep and maintenance have been performed.

Prepare for an Inspection by Looking for Leaks in the Home

Home inspectors will look for plumbing problems and water damages. As the homeowner, don’t neglect water-related issues. When checking for leaks, examine areas around the faucets, beneath cabinets, under appliances, and around your shower and toilet base. Also, look at ceilings, walls, and floors for signs of water damage. Carry out the necessary repairs before the inspection.

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