Plants are a great way to add color to your landscaping and brighten the inside of your home. However, some varieties are not safe if your cat or dog accidentally ingests them. When you have pets in your home, it’s important to select non-toxic plants. Pets are playful and curious, so choose houseplants that won’t cause harm to them.

Non-Toxic Plants: Boston Fern

A Boston fern is an attractive and low-maintenance addition to your home. These plants enjoy indirect light and high humidity so they are great for growing in a bathroom. The Boston fern is a safe, non-toxic choice for a household with pets. Since your cat might play with its fronds, it’s best to hang your fern out of their reach.

Bromeliads are Safe Indoor Plants

Bromeliads are commonly available at garden centers and home improvement stores. These striking tropical house plants have long green leaves and can bloom in a variety of colors. Bromeliads prefer bright, indirect sunlight and well-draining soil.

Choose a Non-Toxic Spider Plant if You Enjoy Greenery

Spider plants are loved by many plant enthusiasts because they are easy to maintain. They have long trailing leaves that can be solid green or variegated with white. Spider plants thrive in indirect light and low light and look great in hanging baskets. They are safe for both cats and dogs and the sprawling plants will add gorgeous greenery to any space.

Money Trees Have a Tropical Feel

Money trees are lush plants that give a tropical feel to any space. These house plants prefer medium or bright indirect light and you’ll want to make sure your plant is never soaked and sitting in water. A money tree enjoys humidity which you can offer with a humidifier or occasionally spraying the plant with a mister.

Choose Herbs Carefully

Herbs are an easy way to add flavor to your food. If you enjoy growing your own, choose non-toxic plants when you have pets in your home. Some common poisonous herbs include caraway, leeks, marjoram, onions, tarragon, and mint.

If you are planning to grow an herb garden and you have cats or dogs in your house, some great herb choices include:

  • Basil
  • Parsley
  • Cilantro
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Catnip

When we live with pets, their health and well-being are important. If you love houseplants, you can still enjoy caring for these varieties that won’t harm the animals in your home.

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