Storage for any Kitchen

Different houses have different storage options depending on the size and layout of the home. In the kitchen, determining how to store your kitchenware and ingredients efficiently is harder than it looks. Whether you are into baking, grilling, or everyday cooking, here are some tips on how to maximize kitchen storage in any space.‏

Reuse Jars

This kitchen storage idea could cost next to nothing by simply repurposing the jar once you’ve finished whatever it previously contained. Not only are you reducing waste but you also end up getting jars of different sizes. Use smaller jars to store spices and larger ones for flour or grains.‏

Display Dishes on top of Cabinets ‏ ‏

In smaller houses or apartments, it can be hard to justify keeping fancy china or dishes that are rarely used. Since many kitchens have extra space on top of cabinets that usually goes to waste, use a display rack to store these dishes on top of cabinets. This frees up space for other items.

Spice Racks‏ for Kitchen Storage

Finding a place for all your kitchen spices is often a challenge, especially in a smaller kitchen where you need every inch of cabinet space. Also, you’ll want your spices somewhere easily accessible while you cook.

One idea for storing spices is getting a multi-tier spice rack, something you can put on the back of your counter or in a cabinet. Not only is this an idea that will save you space, but it makes finding the spices you need so much easier without having to dig through all the small containers.‏

Use Hooks for Kitchen Storage

This is by far one of the most useful ways to gain more kitchen storage. Place hooks over the sink for mugs, pots, and pans. You can wash and dry those dishes and immediately hang them in place.

Hooks on cabinet shelves are useful for many things from mugs to storage bins.‏ If you have more space or a kitchen with high ceilings, consider using ceiling hooks for your pots and pans. This is a great storage solution for open spaces.‏

‏These are just a few ideas of how to maximize storage in different kitchens. Try some of these tips and also consider decluttering your kitchen to remove items that you don’t use.

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