The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is also the number one place where potential buyers usually focus when buying a house. That means that upgrades in the kitchen will be noticed first. Unfortunately, renovating an entire kitchen can be expensive, but there are a few DIY kitchen upgrades that won’t cost a fortune.

There are many ways to upgrade your kitchen on a budget and yourself. Below are some upgrades that will spruce up your kitchen and improve the functionality of your space.

DIY Kitchen Upgrades: Paint the Walls and Cabinets

Painting is one of the most transformative DIY kitchen upgrades. It is easy, boosts your property value, and makes the space feel brand new. If you plan to sell the house, stick to neutral colors to appeal to more people.

If you’re just looking to freshen up your space, go for a color scheme that reflects your style. Kitchens often have a relatively small visual wall space, so don’t hesitate to go bold and choose a color complementary to your cabinets and countertops.

Install New Light Fixtures

Proper lighting makes a kitchen a more accessible place to clean and cook. Working with inadequate lighting is challenging. Poor lighting also makes your space look dingy and unwelcoming. Updating your light fixtures adds character, style, and light to your kitchen. Buy pendant lights and install them over the kitchen island. Also, add lighting above your sinks and counters since these are your work areas.

Update Your Kitchen Faucet

Updating your old faucet is a simple DIY kitchen upgrade that many homeowners can manage.  Since the sink is a prominent feature in the kitchen, installing a stylish, modern faucet is impactful. There are different styles and finishes available, including touchless models. Choose one that matches the aesthetic of the rest of your kitchen.

DIY Kitchen Upgrades: Install a Backsplash

A backsplash improves your kitchen’s style and protects your walls. A peel-and-stick backsplash is best for those on a tight budget or limited free time. Applying these tiles is easy to do on your own. Simply mark out where you want the tile to go, clean the surface, remove the backing from the tile and then apply it to your wall.

Hang Pots

Hanging your pots will help you clear up some room in your cabinets and drawers. Pots and pans and other large utensils usually have a slot in their handles, making them easy to hang from any hook. Attach the pot hanger to a stud or ceiling joist so it will be able to carry the weight of your pots.

Add Seats

Adding a bar to the kitchen is a  straightforward DIY kitchen upgrade. It provides another spot to eat meals or just hang out. Buy a nice set of sturdy kitchen stools to avoid accidents.

These DIY kitchen upgrade projects won’t cost you much money but can boost your property’s value and breathe new life into your home. Choose those that meet the needs of your family.

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