Having a small bathroom is frustrating at times. If the space isn’t designed to be functional, it will seem cramped and uncomfortable. If the bathroom in your home is tiny, there are things you can do to help the space look and feel larger. Here are eight easy ways to make a small bathroom feel larger.

Here are Easy Ways to Make a Bathroom Feel Larger

1. Paint the Walls a Lighter Color

Painting the walls a lighter color brightens a space and makes it feel larger. Paint the ceiling the same color for a seamless and modern look.

2. Add a Large Mirror

Mirrors are a simple way to make any room look larger. If your bathroom has natural light, place a large mirror on the opposite wall to reflect the light into the room. This makes the room feel more spacious and provides better illumination.

3. Make a Bathroom Feel Larger With a Clear Shower Door

Opaque shower doors close off the room and make the space feel smaller. Swap out the shower doors for clear ones. Clear glass doors will open up the space and make your bathroom feel more spacious.

4. Swap Cabinets for Shelves

Cabinets and vanities are essential for storage but take up a lot of space in a small room. Adding shelves to the walls makes the bathroom look larger and more modern.

5. Use Large Floor Tiles

Although small floor tiles may look great, they divide the space and make it seem smaller. For the floor, use large, solid-color tiles to make the room look clean, modern, and roomy.

6. Maximize Natural Light to Make a Bathroom Feel Larger

If you have a small bathroom, it can appear dark even during the day. An easy way to make the space seem bigger is to let in as much natural light as possible. Install a skylight or solar tunnel to brighten the room, making it feel larger.

7. Install a Pedestal Basin

A pedestal basin has a narrow base, taking up less floor area than a traditional bathroom vanity with a cabinet. Although you’ll lose storage space, shelving can make up for this.

8. Declutter to Make a Bathroom More Spacious

The bathroom will look smaller and cramped if your countertops are covered with soaps, hair products, and body care supplies. Decluttering the space and having fewer items on display helps the area appear larger and makes the room more functional.

If you cannot remove a wall and physically make your bathroom larger, these tricks will make the space look and feel bigger. Improve functionality and boost the aesthetic of your bathrooms with the above tips.

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